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Effective Teaching in the 21st Century

In our experience, school change happens only when teachers are allowed to own and drive the change. Teachers embody the culture and the purpose of a school and, when properly supported and inspired, will transform schools with their energy and ideas around global learning. The job of the administration is to provide support, resources, and a framing vision — and then let teachers drive the bus.

Teaching in the 21st century is not a skill; it’s a mindset shift. Therefore, teacher professional development needs to be long-term and continuous in order to be effective. An in-service teacher training workshop is great for exposing teachers to new ideas, but true change in the classroom requires longer-term work.

At World Leadership School, we offer three main avenues of Teacher Professional Development: In-Service Workshops, one-on-one coaching through our Virtual Teacher Institute, and Educator Travel programs. Each school is different, and therefore we employ different teacher training strategies according to each context. Often, we use one strategy to support another — an In-Service Workshop, for example, will allow us to identify a small group of motivated teachers who will then receive year-long coaching in the Virtual Teacher Institute.

The best way to learn about Teacher Professional Development and training is to schedule a call with Shayna Cooke, our Director of Educator Development.

In-Service Workshops

Our interactive workshops leverage the faculty’s passions and help all teachers globalize their courses in relevant and meaningful ways. World Leadership School offers the following range of workshops on global learning, which can be blended and tailored to the needs of a particular school:

  • Best Practices in Global Learning (all disciplines and grade levels)
  • Development and Assessment of Global Competencies
  • Introduction to Project-Based Learning (PBL)
  • Purpose Intensive: How Can We Help Our Students Explore and Articulate Purpose?

These full-day workshops are generally 3 – 6 hours long so that there is time for coaching of grade-level teams, academic departments, and/or individual teachers looking for additional support. These visits can also include workshops with the School’s Board and/or Parents’ Association, particularly if developing buy in across the community is a goal.

Virtual Teacher Institute

Each year, our team of Coaches works closely with a select group of passionate and experienced educators. Our goal is to coach these teachers through the process of globalizing their teaching practice and creating learning showcases that embody the future of learning at their school. A handful of learning showcases can accelerate change in a school by energizing and inspiring students, parents, and other teachers.

Each VTI teacher begins by developing goals with his or her assigned coach, and then meets virtually with the coach on a regular basis throughout the school year. At some schools, one VTI is shared across a team of teachers, so that an entire grade level or teaching team can work together on a project with the coach’s support. Our VTI teachers take on challenging projects, such as the design of a new capstone course, fall and spring PBL experiences, or a school-wide video conference event.

During the course of the school year, the coach helps the VTI participant understand Project-Based Learning and other student-centered pedagogies, design and assess global competencies, develop new collaborative partnerships, identify key themes in global learning, network and find global speakers and partners, plan global events, and employ video conferencing strategies. This is a custom-tailored professional development experience designed to produce tangible results for teachers and schools. Participants in the VTI can also use our TakingITGlobal technology platform, including all teacher support resources, at no additional cost.

Educator Development Travel Programs

Each year, World Leadership School runs life- and career-changing travel programs for teachers. These programs allow teachers to be students again and re-envision their place in the world. Along the way, we leverage the group’s wisdom and experience for deep reflections around personal and professional growth. Each year we have one program focused on Project- and Place-based learning, which includes work on teaching and assessing global competencies. Participants live in a small community, visit local schools, share practices with local teachers, and develop a project to bring back to their classroom or school community. WLS also runs individualized Educator Development programs for schools interested in sending a larger team for the purpose of re-envisioning global learning, or work on a specific school change initiative.

In the summer of 2018, WLS will offer two different but equally transformational Educator Development Travel programs. We will be using the country of Belize as a STEAM lens to begin to look at how to incorporate data and research into the classroom, and we will be exploring our educational craft in the Peruvian Andes. Each opportunity will allow educators the time and space, as well as intentional support, to create and refine one or two PBL units to be integrated into the curriculum upon return.

During the Educator Development Program, Exploring Educational Practice in the Peruvian Andes (July 2 – 13), WLS will partner with Global Weeks to connect with Peru’s culture and people as we examine the following question: “What can we learn from Peruvian culture and innovative educational practices that will help us create effective student-centered learning experiences?” We will meet with a variety of educational and social impact leaders to better understand the socio-political context for our work. This program will be facilitated by Director of Educator Development, Shayna Cooke and Global Weeks Founder, Vicki Weeks.

While on the Educator Development Program, Exploring STEAM in Belize (June 17 – 26), we will connect with Belizean culture, people, and country as we begin to explore issues of biological and cultural conservation, sustainable development, and how we might use what we learn in-country to enhance teaching in our classrooms. This program will offer real-world exposure to pressing issues that affect Belize and ultimately the world. Through the lens of these contemporary issues, we will develop and refine our teaching practices so that we are able to use this experience as a case study of authentic practice that we can bring back to our classrooms and share with our students. This program will be facilitated by Director of Educator Development, Shayna Cooke.

Please contact Shayna Cooke with any questions that you might have about either of these programs or for the WLS application if you would like to join us!

Risk Management Workshops

In this decade, teachers are being asked to change their teaching as never before and the transition is creating big challenges for school leaders and teachers. In the future of learning, which is already here for many schools, teachers are connecting learning to the world and students are venturing off campus as never before. For our students, risk and failure outside of the classroom will be an intrinsic part of their daily experience. As a result, it’s time for school leaders to become professional risk managers who can lead productive conversations across the school community about risk and learning. It’s also time for teachers who lead off-campus programs (local or global) to receive annual training in how to manage off-campus risks, but also how to connect learning with off-campus experiences.

World Leadership School offers a one-day trip leader training workshop, which integrates trip design and structure (including options for ground support), risk assessment tools and awareness, emergency management, group dynamics, and curricular integration strategies. Our trainings are designed to be immersive experiences that challenge faculty to think in new ways, ask each other tough questions, and delve into real-life emergency management scenarios. WLS also offers a half-day administrator workshop that includes review and assessment of global programs, student application and screening processes, behavioral and expulsion policies, insurance, use of contractors, incident tracking and review, employee policies and procedures, trip leader selection and training, and school-wide processes and policies around managing risks. Ideally, this half-day workshop takes place the day before the trip leader workshop.

Note: World Leadership School does not take responsibility for legal guidance around waivers and other paperwork, as legal requirements vary between states and should be determined by the school’s legal counsel.

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